We are in uncertain times, but we are not certainly needing to stop exercising.


Welcome to the FitHab® website.

I hope this finds you and yours safe and healthy.

In all the years that I have been a fitness professional and a local small business owner, the fitness industry has not been impacted, as it is these days by COVID-19. The swine flu, bird flu, SARS and any other illness that I can recall never put such a burden on my personal training business.

As of last week I have stopped training or teaching clients and students in person to keep everyone safe and healthy. Doing my part in flattening the curve of the spread of this virus.

As a response and adaptation to this situation, FitHab is offering online training.

If you have no idea what to do (stressed out about it) or don’t have any equipment, or have a well-equipped home gym and need guidance and education; then what are you waiting for? I can teach and train you with what you have or in ways that can be low tech, but high impact on improving fitness. MovNat is just one example of this. 

Training (one on one or group) and classes will be conducted via Zoom and will offer the same services that I have been until we get over this situation.

FitHab is also holding virtual group natural movement classes that are hosted on the Meetup.com website

So if you are interested in continuing to maintain or improve your fitness, please contact me to get you a spot on my training schedule.

I would like to give my thanks and appreciation for the support that my family, friends, and the FitHab community has given me in keeping optimistic and making me feel that I have a part in making a difference in helping improve lives via fitness.

You can read more about Natural movement on the MovNat website.

I wish you and yours safety, health, and fitness.