The Autum weather and COVID-19

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Welcome to the FitHab website!

I hope my message finds you and yours safe, healthy, and fit.

So happy to see that these large fires have been extinguished and that people are outside again breathing cleaner air.

It’s great to see families out walking, joggers, cyclists, and others moving about the community.

Many people are concerned with the spike in COVID-19 in the recent weeks.

People interested in training have asked me if I wear any PPE (personal protection equipment) when I train.

The answer is most definitely, YES.

Safety above all!

Training is done outdoors in fresh air and hopefully in the beautiful California sunshine.

The weather is getting cooler and its been raining lately. So my clients and I continue to train outdoors under a covering structure or we wear warmer and waterproof clothing. We maintain safe physical distance and not be enclosed.

We have continued our training efforts by following the safety standards needed to protect and respect life and health.

How can you complete any mission if you don’t put safety first?

So I continue my mission through FitHab® to contribute in the improvement in quality of life by helping clients and the community understand the importance of active living, by motivating and supporting them with knowledge to help overcome uncertainties.

I look forward to teaching fitness habits to you or some one you care about.

Thank you to my family, friends, and clients for all the support in these times.