Study: Climbing Trees Significantly Improves Working Memory

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A study named: THE WORKING MEMORY BENEFITS OF PROPRIOCEPTIVELY DEMANDING TRAINING: A PILOT STUDY,    By:  Ross G. Alloway, &  Tracy Packiam Alloway. In the journal Perceptual and Motor Skills Volume 120, Issue 3, June 2015: 766–775.; has given scientific research support for my phyilosophy of fitness training methodologies.

The article found on CBS Tampa, Softpedia, and more, can help my clients and those who are interested in the FitHab® training methods; understand more the significant importance of the kind of training we do. It backs the use of the natural human movement spectrum capabilities like, (check and see what I mean.) climbing, carry awkwardly shaped objects, walking or running barefoot, walking or crawling on balance beam, and navigating through an obstacle course.

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Special thanks to my good friend, Dan Kitchen for emailing me this study. He used to make fun of me climbing trees, now he knows that I’m not crazy.