Spring is here, so spring into action and start training.


Welcome to the FitHab website!

The season of spring is upon us and we see the beauty of nature change into a more livelier state.

Not only do we see the changes of the natural things around us, but we see our family, friends, and ourselves change.

Lately, I have noticed more people walking or running outside. This always gets my attention. It’s great to see people outside moving.

As a fitness professional, I love to see people engaged in some physical activity, as long as they’re doing it safely, efficiently, and effectively.

If you or someone you know is getting hurt or burnt out from the same routine and is not getting the results desired, it’s a sign that you need to do something different.

This is where I fit into the answer. I have trained clients who have worked out on their own (or very little at all) and really needed to learn safe, efficient, and effective exercises to help them with their health and fitness goals.

You’re probably asking yourself what does that mean.

This means that if you’re lifting weights or even your own body weight, that you’re using proper biomechanics for safer, more efficient, and effective lifting of those weights or body movement.

Yes, some people can effectively lift a heavy weight or create a body movement with brute force, but that may end up not being safe for them, possibly causing immediate inury or injury later in time (as they continue to move unsafe, inefficiently, and ineffectively). Also the use of brute force to lift a weight or create a movement, will not allow you to be more effcient. You might get a few repetion, but efficiency in movement will allow you to do more and be safer.

As a MovNat certified trainers, we have a reponsibility to teach our clients to move better, than to just move more. Moving more doesn’t always allow you to move better, but moving better always allows you to move more. You can read more about this and in-depth here: https://www.movnat.com/efficient-principle/

Whether you want to learn MovNat or move more competently, I have some solutions to get you to spring into motion.

I offer group exercise classes on Saturdays mornings twice a month locally. This is an option for those who like to be with others in a small group setting and want to reap the benefits of cost effective exercise instruction.

You can become a member of Bay Area Natural Movement at the Meetup.com site and participate in these classes.

I also offer one on one training, and couples/group training at your home, a park, or job site . You can read more about these services and fees.

With options to chose from, fitness instruction can be accessible to many.

If you want to get started and have any questions. Please contact me and we can talk and see how we can get you to spring into action.

If you improve how you move, you improve. If you change how you move, you change.https://www.movnat.com/efficient-principle/

Thanks for visiting and be fit, health, happy, and free.