Luis offers different types of services based on your needs. Set up a free, no obligation, 30 minutes consultation to get started on your health and fitness goals.

Personal Training

Luis has captured a very unique niche of personal training, by teaching exercises that other trainers are not. If you are looking for someone to count your reps you have to look elsewhere.

Luis makes sure that every session of your training experience is an adventure. He uses conventional and unconventional training methods to help you integrate exercise into your daily life. He helps you make fitness a habit and get you into shape while having fun and learning something new. His methods integrate MovNat®, the TRX® and several other philosophies. Luis is an educator, he doesn’t just oversee your exercise, he teaches you to make exercise your second nature.

Several ways to experience training with Luis:

  • One on One
  • Buddy Training
  • Corporate or Group events

Please contact me for pricing information.

Specialized Training Services:

  • Working with Children with Autism
  • Older Adult fitness
  • Natural Human Movement (MovNat®)

Luis will help you achieve your goals. You will do it faster, safer, effectively, efficiently, and more conveniently than you thought possible. Luis will design a program just for you. He will motivate, encourage and monitor every move.

You will reach your goals and gain knowledge about what it takes to improve your fitness level to enhance your quality of life. Your physical and mental capacities will soar to a new level. You will gain more confidence in everything you do.