PHA Training and HIIT

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Today I would like to share with you some information that is old, but has been recently contrasted to a highly popular form of training that many know as HIIT (high-intensity interval training).

HIIT has many benefits for healthy individuals, but what would benefit individuals that have elevated blood pressure or clinical pathologies that do not allow them to train at high intensity?

PHA (Peripheral Heart Action) Training can be part of the answer.

PHA training was introduced in the 1940’s by Arthur Steinhaus PhD to keep blood flow circulating consistently during resistance training. The benefits of this type of training compared to HIIT, can be read and seen on a chart from an article in the  IDEA Fitness Journal May 2016 issue.  (I have a copy if you want to read it.) In this issue Doctor Kravitz writes about findings in a 2015 article in the European Journal of Applied Physiology, where the study supports facts that PHA is a valid substitute to HIIT.

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