COVID-19, Fires & Smoke and How We Can Keep Moving


I hope my message finds you and yours safe, healthy, fit, and free of the smoke and fires.

Training on 9-9-20 when the sky looked yellow and the air quality was decent . Crazy times!
Yellow skys at the park.

For the last few month I have been training clients with the COVID-19 precautions in place. Training is being done outdoors in parks, backyards, or anywhere we can get fresh air and keep a 6-foot safety distance to one another. I always wear a facemask and use hand sanitizer.

It’s been difficult in the last month to train clients outdoors since the fires have been burning all over California. But when the extreme heat and/or smoke is not making training impossible, clients and I get back to doing some important work.

Training can be done indoors away from the smoke, the heat, and reduce close physical distance via the internet. This is a solution to facilitate the continuation of the training we do outdoors.

Clients are bringing equipment needed for training. Any equipment that I provide for use is disinfected.

A lot has changed in these times. With precautions and safety in mind, clients continue to greatly benefit from training.

The benefits from training are numerous. Besides the physical fitness benefits, you benefit from being outdoors in a more natural setting, breathing fresh air, getting sunlight, and the human and enviromental interaction.

If you are interested in getting into fitness habits that work; please feel free to contact me to get you or someone you know started.

Thank you for your visit and look forward to hearing from you.