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For the month of June, I am featuring my friend Dan.IMG_3670

His visit to the Bay Area last month was a treat. I was so honored to be able to train him. We worked on his running mechanics. He mentioned how difficult it is to run when he was bigger.


He brought up a good point that many might not think about or recognize.

Running is a complex movement.

When a person is overweight and they run, they place a lot of strain and stress on the body.

Dan’s aproach to fitness was to eat smarter, perform quality movements that would  protect him from potential injury, then when he was ready to run, he did.

His philosophy of movement is spot on.

This is so important to recognise that movement should be efficient, effective, and most of all safe.

The idea of profiecncy of movement is taught in MovNat.

As a MovNat Level 2 Certified Trainer, I used the priciples taught in MovNat to help Dan in his journey to improve his body composition and become a more proficient mover.

Thank you Dan for your visit and the time we had training to make your running a more proficient movement.

Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing you soon.