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The latest here at FitHab.


I want to send my thanks to all of you who have sent best wishes for a speedy recovery from knee surgery. The journey of recovering from meniscus surgery has been interesting so far. What do you do when you want to shower after knee surgery? Watch this video and see how I got ready. *Remember to talk to your doctor and get their opinion on how to care for your knee after surgery, even […]

Spring is here, so spring into action and start training.


Welcome to the FitHab website! The season of spring is upon us and we see the beauty of nature change into a more livelier state. Not only do we see the changes of the natural things around us, but we see our family, friends, and ourselves change. Lately, I have noticed more people walking or running outside. This always gets my attention. It’s great to see people outside moving. As a fitness professional, I love […]