July is here and mid summer is upon us.

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Hi and welcome to the FitHab® website! July is here and lots of good things are happening.

No matter what your fitness or skill level is or if you have a disability, I have a program to meet your needs.

If you want to train in a group and learn practical exercises economically, join us at one of our Bay Area Natural Human Movement events (BANHM) events.

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This month we are hosting our monthly BANHM events in Palo Alto. These events are based on the MovNat discipline of physical education and fitness system. Become a member and join us in the fun, excitement, and challenge of getting fit with playful, practical fitness exercises that we do at our events. Read what some of our members have to say. Take a moment to look at some of our photos of us in action.

You may want to train one on one to get more personal attention to your specific needs. Some clients want to train with family and friends; you can choose the Buddy training route. You have the freedom to choose.

At FitHab we don’t just use one system, discipline, or philosophy for improving our clients fitness.

As a fitness professional, I use many fitness disciplines to help my clients.

As you now know, I teach MovNat as a MovNat Level 2 Certified Trainer. I also include the use of the TRX Suspension Trainer and TRX Rip Trainer.

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I teach clients the use of stability balls, bands, free weights, and other pieces of equipment, depending on the needs of the client.

Many of my clients are taught exercises that are therapeutic to improve posture, to recover from injuries,  and help them transition into a more pain free, injury free, physically competent mover.

What ever your fitness goals and needs may be, I look forward to teaching you to move better, safer, more effectively, and reach or surpass your goals.

Contact me to get you started on teaching you fitness habits that get results.