In August we’re off to a great start!

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Hi and welcome to the FitHab® website.

July was another exciting month of BANHM and working with my personal training clients. One of the best feelings or rewards from my passion in working in the fitness field is to hear all the positive information that my clients have to share with me.

A lots of the things that my clients tell me about the training results can be measured and quantified, while many other benefits from training are just things that are felt and may not be measured or quantified.

That’s the wonderful and powerful positive effects that exercise can bring to all that train safely, efficiently, and effectively, to enhance their quality of life with improving their fitness.

If you are more fit, you can feel better, sleep better, work longer or do things that you like easier, improve mental awareness or alertness, save your life and/or others, do things that you were uncertain about because you were unfit to try before, the list goes on and on.

The benefits of fitness=freedom to you and those around you.

So, my advice for you, yours, and everyone; is to add a little bit of more fitness habits in your life to make you more free, fit, happy, and overcome uncertainties.

My mission is to help clients overcome uncertainties and to build and foster an active lifestyle that leads to making fitness a habit for life.

If you are interested knowing more about the fitness training that I teach, please contact me to make an appointment for a free, no obligation, 30-minute consultation.

Hope to see you and yours at a BANHM event or start individual or small group personal training.

Thanks for your visit.

Be fit and be free.

Luis Torres