Get ready to spring into training.

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Welcome to the FitHab® website!

The weather has been nice here in the Bay Area and I have been taking advantage of this to train many of my clients outdoors.

The advantage of training outdoors are numerous.  &

My clients reap the benefit of outdoor training, by breathing fresh air, being out of their office or home and enjoying a peaceful and or different environment. Natural light shines on their faces and they become happy and get some vitamin D. Training outdoors allows more freedom to explore many different avenues of fitnes training that are not able to be done in a gym. Training outdoors when possible, allows greater training responses and adaptions to the environmental demands and situational demands that help facilitate some awesome health and fitness benefits. Training outdoors and using the environment and things around you to train (opportunistic training) has greater real world application (practical use) than the stale, monotonous, loud, and distracting environments of gyms. Plus you’re outdoors, like you were a kid and you have lots of fun and don’t have to worry what others think of you or if you fit in. You just be you and get a great workout.

Spring will be here soon, so if you or someone you know would like to be more fit or learn new ways of getting fit and staying fit, FitHab has training service options to meet your goals and needs.

FitHab offers personal one on one training services, small group training, and special needs training.

We offer gift certificates for those who want to give the gift of fitness.

If you or someone you know is motivated and wanting to make fitness their new habit, then look no further. Contact Luis to make an appointment for a free, no obligation, 30-minute consultation.

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Thanks. Be fit, have purpose.

Luis Torres