Get moving this October!

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I hope my message finds you and yours safe, healthy, fit, and free of the smoke and fires.

Last time I posted this picture and the sky looked apocalyptic.

A week later the air was back to normal.

The fact that these fires are occurring earlier and more often has made my line of work difficult but not impossible.

The fires have significantly contaminated air quality and we can take measures to prevent or reduce the effects it has on us.

On days when the air quality is bad, usually at around 150+ or less for sensitive individuals, I cancel training outdoors. Training can be done online indoors, so my clients can get their workout at home or work. I recommend that clients use HEPA air filters to clean the air indoors and especially when exercising. The effects of smoke/contamination are significant and people should protect themselves from contaminated air and more so when breathing frequently and deeply due to exercise.

When temperatures are higher than usual and air quality is bad, people should take appropriate precautions to ensure a safe exercise environment. Heat has an impact on how we perform and feel and especially when we exercise. Add bad air quality and heat and you get a bad mix. Proper hydration, keeping cool, being in a clean air environment will help prevent the effects of these enviromental variables.

Making the appropriate adjustments to exercise safer in these challenging times of COVID-19, smokey air, and high temperatures is top priority.

If you have any questions and/or are interested in getting into fitness habits that work; please feel free to contact me to get you or someone you know started.

Thank you for your visit and look forward to hearing from you.