May is a month to start moving more. So come join us at our group; Bay Area Natural Human Movement.


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For the month of May we are continuing our family and individual Bay Area Natural Human Movement (BANHM) group classes.

Click: BANHM for more information and to RSVP your spot on the group’s page at

We are looking forward to meeting new movers and have more families get involved in our events.

Thanks to all the families and individual BANHM members that have attended last month and made this a fun, exciting, and pleasurable experience.

Be fit to be helpful and see you at one or both of the classes soon.



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Barefoot running in nature

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Charging up the hill! Barefoot. A picture of my bare feet, on location, posted on Twitter. It’s so nice to run on a natural surface after it has rained. The soil is soft, slippery (more of a challenge) and you can feel a difference in every step. I hope the viewers can enjoy the short video and get an appreciation to nature and barefoot running.This was in Redwood City and as natural as one can get without driving to the woods or forest. Redwood City; climate best by governments test! Peace!